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Discussions on the future strategy of safety management for the 4th industrial technology that is being applied to the industrial field were held.

The Korean Society of Safety held a seminar on "Changing the Paradigm of Safety Management in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution" in the COEX.

This seminar is designed to discuss the future safety management paradigm and discuss ways to apply the technology effectively, with the recent development of smart construction technology that introduced the 4th industry technology.


Kim Sung-hoon, president of TaeSung SNI, introduced, "The virtual construction and safety management plan of the 4th industry era".


At this time, it is suggested that technological direction should be secured to ensure human-centered innovation in order to secure technology safety. It is said that, as the 4th industrial technology is introduced at the construction site, the actual application cases and effects of safety management should be carefully examined.

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