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 raphael_01.jpg   January 18, 2013, 1PM Seoul Korea, H.E. Dr. Raphael Louise was speaker in a symposium entitled, " Global Partnerships: Strategic Opportunities and Imperatives in a Globalized World" In a thirty- minute talk, Raphael spoke about the importance of global partnership in the 21st century. He stressed the significance of organized global networking to leverage new ideas especially among the youth. Raphael also spoke briefly about the engineering industry in Canada and had given some advice on marketing strategies for Taesung S&I.

  After the said talk, Raphael, Mr. Sunghoon Kim( President and CEO of Taesung )together with Mary had an introductory talk about some business ventures with the Canadians.



Credentials of H.E. Raphael Louis


FAAVM Canada / The Civil Rights Party of Canada

Prime Minister of Canada for 2020 Candidate and Political Party Leader

Doctor in Community Development, Leader/Advocate/Human Rights and Minority Rights


Victoria, British Columbia


Studied at:

The Saint Peter and Paul Lutheran School in Belgium

University of Ottawa in Canada

United Nations (UN) Public Administration

List of Articles
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30 Infra BIM Training started at KICTE file tssnih 2019.04.19 18
29 Technology Innovation-Oriented Small and Medium Enterprise(Inno-Biz) file tssnih 2019.02.22 217
28 TAESUNG SNI - KOICA Internship program file tssnih 2019.02.13 279
27 TAESUNG SNI & KICTE, MOU for Infra BIM Education file tssnih 2019.02.04 288
26 Singapore New office open file tssnih 2019.02.04 339
25 2018 Infrastructure BIM Seminar in Suntec, Singapore file tssnih 2018.03.07 2749
24 Special session held Tokyo City University about [Infra BIM: The State of the Art - 2017] file tssnih 2017.09.29 4050
23 TAESUNG SNI introduced as a Small-but-Strong-Business in Korea file tssnih 2017.09.14 4268
22 CAD&Graphic Interview on Sep. 2017 file tssnih 2017.09.08 3819
21 TAESUNG SNI HELD SEMINAL IN SINGAPORE file tssnih 2017.03.13 6128
20 [AWARD 2016 -BIM Vision Award] file tssnih 2016.09.30 7261
18 [AWARD 2016 -Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development file tssnih 2016.06.17 8284
17 [AWARD 2016 -Creative Management Award] file tssnih 2016.03.22 8513
16 TAESUNG SNI AWARDED 2015 file tssnih 2015.12.24 9398
15 Taesung SNI is accredited ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. file tssnih 2015.06.25 11318
14 BIMTEC visited Taesung S&I file tssnih 2014.12.01 15912
13 Japanese Construction Experts visited to Taesung S&I file tssnih 2014.11.11 15503
12 Mechdyne visited Taesung SNI file tssnih 2014.10.27 15375
11 Prof. Kusayanagi and Bentley visited Taesung SNI file tssnih 2014.09.02 15633
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